Release of my first solo CD!!! Exciting! 


It is finally here! 

Having spent many months planning when I would finally record a CD, one of the things that pushed me to do it was the fact that my band, Fodens Band, had qualified for the European Championships in Lithuania in April/May 2020. 
As soon as lockdown kicked in and we began to realise just how long all of this was going to last, I knew that my plan to release it at that contest was lost. 
However, when World of Sound began to slowly come back to work, we set about listening to rounds of edits and we finished the artwork and we are ready for release!!! 
October 23rd, 2020!!!! 
I hope you enjoy the recording, it has been a lot of hard work but it is a product I am very proud of! 

The Birth of our Baby Boy!!!


On December 7th, 2019 I and my wife Leanne welcomed our first child to the world. His name is Jamie Elis Curtin. 

Me and Leanne were, in many ways, gifted the time we had through lockdown to spend so much time together as a family. 

Jamie is now ten months old as I write this and he is a busy little boy, climbing, trying to open cupboard doors and basically going for everything he shouldn't. He is great fun and he already has a piece of music dedicated to him, which myself and Leanne asked

Paul Lovatt-Cooper to write for my solo CD.