The Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium from Sterling Musical Instruments has been my instrument of choice since 2017 when I joined Fodens. The instrument facilitates a full and sonorous sound through the entire register and also allows me to explore a dramatic range of dynamics during my band playing too.


My mouthpiece (R3S), about which I am asked many questions, is a Patrik Randefalk mouthpiece. Patrik is a very fine euphonium player from Norway and he was the Principal Euphonium player at Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Brass Band. Patrik happened to be at the factory when I went to test the Sterling Euphonium and he suggested trying his mouthpieces. I decided against this during testing for obvious reasons but he gave me some mouthpieces to take with me for when my instrument was ready. To say I was surprised by how it sounded a few months later would be quite an understatement. The mouthpiece was not only incredibly comfortable with its slightly tapered inward rim, but it also concentrated the sound of the instrument beautifully and is sonorous in all registers.

I have never looked back!


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